Why IV nutridrops?
Our approach is to provide customers with support and hope to individuals struggling with getting and staying healthy. Our focus and expertise is on customers’ safety, customer-centered care, cultural diversity competency, and collaboration to improve overall well being of the customer’s health.
do you need a prescriptions to receive iv vitamin therapy?
No, prescriptions are not required. Meet with one of our registered nurses and consultants to find right health solution for you.
how long does it take to receive iv therapy?
Infusion time depends on customer’s current health condition. Our drops are administered in as fast as 40 minutes.
is it more effective to receive Iv intravenously?
Yes. When vitamins and minerals are administered intravenously, blood concentrations can be as much as 50 times greater
Is it safe?
IV therapy is very safe. provided and administered by a licensed Registered Nurse and overseen by a Medical Director.
How often should I get an iv vitamin therapy?
Usually given 1-2 times every week for the best result.
who get the benefits most?
This is a great benefit for those who have digestive issues or difficulty with oral supplementation and or have poor nutritional habits or cannot get enough nutrients from eating